December 2023


With winter approaching, it’s crucial for landlords to gear up for the challenges that come with colder weather. Taking proactive steps and creating a checklist for both yourself and your tenants can ensure a smoother and trouble-free winter season. Prepare in advance Taking preventive measures can significantly reduce potential winter-related issues. Encourage your tenants to promptly report any concerns or problems they notice in the property, regardless of how minor they may seem. Addressing these early can prevent them from escalating into larger issues. Maintain updated contact information It’s essential to have up-to-date contact details for your tenants, and likewise for them to have your current information. If you plan to be unavailable or away, inform them in advance, ensuring smooth communication channels in case of emergencies or necessary maintenance. Preventing frozen pipes Frozen pipes pose a significant risk during extreme cold spells. Educate your tenants on the location of…