October 2020


… and the 5 reasons why you most definitely shouldn’t! It looks like the buy-to-let market is about to enter a challenging period. But when we look back at the last recession and what is happening now, there are vital lessons all landlords can learn to protect themselves. In fact, there are opportunities for landlords both in the short term and the longer term. Let’s look at the challenges and opportunities ahead… The Immediate Challenges There are three main challenges ahead for landlords. The major concern is the impending rise in unemployment and how that will affect tenants’ ability to pay their rent, the rents being achieved and the possible Capital Gains Tax (CGT) changes might mean an increase in tax paid by landlords when they come to sell their buy-to-let properties. Firstly, let’s look at your tenant’s ability to the rent; the Furlough Scheme did help soften the blow,…