July 2021


Craigavon Area landlords… it’s time to sell, sell, sell as your tenants will soon be leaving in their droves as they buy their first home thanks to the Government’s mortgage guarantee scheme! Now, I know I sound like the Grim Reaper announcing the death of Buy to Let investing as many tenants will soon be buying their first home – but is it really that bad?These 95% mortgages are to be supported by the Treasury, which means losses for mortgage lenders will be lessened, should the borrower be unable to meet their repayments and end up getting their property repossessed, as the Government continue on their crusade to turn “Generation Rent” into “Generation Buy”.On first impressions it looks like the new low deposit mortgage scheme will have many first-time buyers jumping on the property ladder.  But there are four issues that will inhibit their ability to take advantage of this…