September 2021


Sustaining a long-lasting tenancy is built on the foundations of trust, and a positive opinion of both you as their landlord and the property they are occupying. Type the words “landlords are” into Google, and the preview search terms are brutally uncomplimentary.According to the digital giant, the leading search terms are “landlords are parasites” and “landlords are leeches”.Additionally, there are a few other choice terms – several of which we are too polite to display – but you can understand what the general theme is here.There is undoubtedly a deep-rooted perception amongst tenants across Northern Ireland that landlords are crooked thieves renting out unfit for habitation homes at rip-off prices.This raises two questions.1 – Is this a fair and accurate description?2 – Does it really matter? Being a landlord is about providing rental accommodation and getting the best returns on investment, not winning a People’s Choice Award.We know the answer…