June 2019


The NI property crash in 2011 caused property prices in the ABC Council area to drop by an average of 13.3% in a period of 16 months. With all the political turmoil in Parliament at the moment, a number of people asked what a no-deal Brexit would do to the property market and if there would be a crash as a result.  I have discussed in a previous article on the chances of that (slim but always a possibility)… but assuming it happens, it is my opinion the outcome of a no-deal Brexit would be no worse than the country’s 2011 credit crunch property crash, the 1974 property crash, 1951 property crash… I could go on.  The NI economy would bounce back from the shock of a no-deal Brexit with lower property values and a continued low interest rate environment (together with an additional round of Quantitative Easing) and that…