March 16, 2021


The recent Budget announcement from Chancellor Rishi Sunak included some significant announcements. Among these plans are tax changes, extensions to Stamp Duty and new mortgage schemes – but how will these measures affect landlords and the wider property sector? For landlords buying properties, the stamp duty holiday on properties up to £500,000 will be extended from March 31 to June 30. The Spring Budget also noted that Stamp Duty rates will not go back to ‘normal’ until 1st October 2021. Instead, there will be a interim period from July to September where the threshold is lowered to £250,000. After this point, stamp duty rates will return to their original thresholds. Although this is great news for first time residential buyers, most landlords feel that it doesn’t make any real difference for buy to let investors in Northern Ireland. The Spring Budget also revealed that 95% mortgages will become available from…