Every month more Landlords are transferring the letting of their property to us after discovering how easy it is to make the switch to Orchard.

Most landlords think that you have to wait until the current tenant leaves the property before instructing a new agent as it causes too many problems to change agents midway through a tenancy.

There are a few things that you need to be mindful about, but on the whole it’s a quick and hassle free process as we do all the work for you with our simple six steps process.

Give Notice

Firstly, you will need to contact your current agent to find out how much, if any, notice you are required to give as detailed within the Terms of Business you signed at the start of your contract. Having determined this, give the required notice in writing to terminate your agreement. If you need any advice regarding this, then please contact us.

Meet With Us

We will arrange to meet you, either at your home, or at our offices where we will go through our terms of business as well as outlining to you our lettings process and our commitment to providing an unrivalled lettings and management service. We will provide you with all the necessary paperwork for you to read and complete.

We Contact Your Agent

We will contact your current agent after you have let them know you are making the switch and will request all the information required such as property details, outstanding maintenance requests, any fees due, any rent arrears due, tenant contact details etc.  This allows us to ensure a smooth and hassle free switch over to us.

Paperwork & Deposit

We will collect all the tenancy documentation, keys and details of any outstanding repairs from your old agent.  We will also arrange for the tenants deposit to be transferred over to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme NI.

We Contact Your Tenant

We will contact your tenant to let them know about the change in management.  We will draw up a new tenancy agreement, let them know how to report repairs and tenancy issues and provide them with new details for the rent can be paid to us.

You've Made The Switch!

Once we receive back the new tenancy agreement and associated documents from your tenant we will set up a new standing order for their rent payments and then it’s all systems go – you’ve made the switch to Orchard!

We Are Here To Help

Whether you have a large portfolio of rental properties or you are new to letting we can help. Owned by actual Landlords with excellent knowledge of the local market, we’ll look after your valuable investment as if it was our own.